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To demonstrate the new technology, a fully working model at one-sixth linear scale has been built at ATG’s manufacturing facility at Cardington, UK, the historic home of the British airship industry. On 23rd July 2000, this craft made its first flight. A new aircraft type was born.

This vehicle, dubbed the “SkyKitten”, proved the key features of the new technology. Aerodynamically highly stable, with low drag and full STOL/VTOL capability, the SkyKitten demonstrated its ability to take off and land equally on land and water, to manoeuvre with total control and autonomy and to anchor itself in “suck-down” mode without need of any ground personnel or equipment.

The first SkyCat-20 is currently under construction and is scheduled for first flight in late-2008 and full certification by mid-2009.

Production work on the SkyCat-220 has already begun, and initial design work on the SkyCat-1000 is under way, with production for these vehicles scheduled to come on stream sequentially following the completion of the launch SkyCat-20.