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Our Services

World SkyCat Ltd. is established to provide a full range of services for end-users, including:

in association with leading global financial institutions, World is able to offer comprehensive lease finance packages with maximum flexibility of lease duration and financial terms.

  • Wet lease:
    Full ACMI turnkey service, to include provision of the SkyCat vehicle, insurance, maintenance, crewing, fuelling and ground support
    Lease contract for agreed period with option to renew, at a fixed monthly charge for a minimum annual utilisation; additional flight hours charged at cost plus a handling fee
  • Dry lease:
    User leases vehicle for an agreed period
    User fully operates vehicle, including providing insurance, maintenance and crewing

User purchases the vehicle direct through World SkyCat Ltd. against the standard purchase contract

Payment either by stage payments during construction or on extended credit terms which World SkyCat Ltd. can offer

User can either operate the vehicle themselves or contract with World SkyCat Ltd. to operate on their behalf