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Sky Patrol: Surveillance Border Control

The SkyCat-20 offers the ideal solution to the vital need for a high-endurance, low-cost and versatile airborne platform for missions such as border control, counter-drug operations, coastguard search and rescue, harbour traffic monitoring and police surveillance – as well as civil uses such as surveillance of gas and oil pipelines.

Existing airborne solutions necessarily involve compromises between range and payload, endurance and cost. By contrast, the SkyCat-20 SkyPatrol offers the optimal surveillance platform for the full range of security operations. In particular:

Hush and stealth: cruising on its rear engines, the SkyCat is extremely quiet, while composite construction materials give an I/R and a radar signature as small as that of a light aircraft.

Long endurance: typically, 7 days on station on a 4,000-mile patrol mission. If required to land and take off vertically (VTOL), the vehicle has a 3-4 day endurance capability. The spacious cabin provides ample operational, accommodation and recreation room for flight and technical crews for the duration of their duty-cycle.

Surveillance payload: even in VTOL operation, the SkyCat can carry up to 10 tons of military equipment, sufficient to provide a complete technical surveillance suite, including the large radar antennae necessary for penetrating jungle canopy, advanced “sniffer” and E/M detection devices and the latest infra-red imaging equipment.

Low vulnerability: the SkyCat is virtually impervious to automatic rifle and mortar fire: ordnance passes through the envelope without causing critical helium loss (see page 6). In all instances of light armament fire evaluated under both test and live conditions, the vehicle was able to complete its mission and return to base.

Interdiction: able to land on water or rough terrain, independent of any support, the SkyCat offers a total patrol vehicle with a direct interdiction capability.

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