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The ideal vehicle for the heavy-lift freight role is the SkyCat-220. With a payload capability of 220 tons in STOL mode (short take-off and landing), this offers a uniquely low-cost, flexible addition to the transportation and logistical resources of many key regions of the world:

Inland freight: with a standard operating range of some 6,000 km, the SkyCat-220 is well within its limits for the transport (for instance) of fresh produce from deep within the territories direct to port or terminal.

Export freight: for those products where air freight is too costly and sea transport too slow – perishable fresh produce, for instance – the SkyCat offers a cost-effective alternative, enabling such produce to be delivered direct from source to market.

Low cost: at under $0.20 per ton/km, and given the vehicle’s relatively high speed (155 kph), the SkyCat-220 becomes directly cost-competitive with trucks and other forms of overland freight.
Distribution network savings: as the U N World Food Programme attest, the SkyCat-220 can enable major savings to be made by eliminating intermediate warehousing and distribution centres – not just in terms of the facilities themselves and the costs and losses associated with double-handling but also the hidden infrastructural costs of road transport systems.

Future developments: we are working to develop a controlled-atmosphere (CA) version of the SkyCat-220 which would incorporate CA technology within the payload module to maintain total freshness of produce and thereby compete with air freight alternatives not just on cost but also on delivery freshness.