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SkyCom: Telecommunications

A SkyCat-20, operating on station at 10,000 feet and equipped with advanced digital beam-forming antenna equipment, can provide a rapidly-deployed and highly cost-effective low-altitude telecommunications platform for broadband, broadcast and 3G mobile wireless networks.

New network roll-outs: the SkyCom Low Altitude Platform (LAP) is the ideal telecommunications solution in regions where a rapid roll-out is required at low cost, particularly where terrestrial towers encounter environmental objections or are too costly for low-population-density areas.

Existing network extension: for existing telecom networks, the SkyCom system can be deployed to provide rapid-reaction emergency and maintenance cover or additional communication coverage, e.g. at mass sporting events.

Capacity: one SkyCom system comprises 1.3 SkyCat platforms so as to maintain round-the-clock cover and is designed to offer:
• 500+ sq. km. footprint for high-density urban areas, with cell sizes as small as 100m x 100m, or footprint up to 10,000 sq. km. for lower-density areas

  • target of 1,600 cells per system, providing 8,000 channels, equivalent to replacing 400 terrestrial towers
  • 99.98% operability in severe weather conditions (e.g. UK)
  • long-endurance duty cycles (days, not hours)
  • capital and operating costs under 20% of terrestrial tower alternative
  • high return on capital either as platform operator only or as full telecoms service provider
  • fast-into-market deployment
SkyCom diagramSkyCom over city