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FireCat: Fire-fighting

The SkyCat-20 and SkyCat-220 FireCats offer a uniquely flexible, rapid and high-volume solution to the problem of fighting wildfires in bush, forest, farm estates and residential areas. Key features include:

Capacity and efficiency: the SkyCat-20 FireCat is able to lift, transport and drop 20 tons of water directly on a fire (220 tons for SkyCat-220), dropping its load at slower speed and therefore more efficiently, as well as more cost-effectively, than any conventional fire-fighting air vehicle. Water ballast tanks already installed to assist long-term anchorage can take 60% of the volume, the balance being supplied from inflatable tanks readily installed and removed in the payload module.

Water scoup ability: with its ability to land on water, the FireCat can take water on board direct from the sea, lakes and reservoirs, even in shallow water depth, and deliver this direct to the scene of the fire.take off and land vertically, the SkyYacht lends itself to trips (e.g.) from the city or the yacht to the owner’s private estates or to vacation resorts, carrying family, friends, colleagues and visitors in conditions of high luxury.